What will be the biggest social media trends for 2020?

It’s our job as marketers to always have our finger on the pulse, and we’re predicting the following social media trends for 2020.

Influencer marketing

Asking or paying people with a large following and influence on social media can drive brand awareness and credibility. Much like word of mouth recommendations, this form of advertising can deliver what marketers refer to as ‘social proof’. Did you know there are a few different types of influencer? They could include bloggers, celebs, key opinion leaders, social media influencers or micro-influencers. These are different to brand ambassadors, which are hired under a long-term contract and usually go through an application process. Why do we think this will be one of the biggest social media trends for 2020? 80% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective, and 89% say it works just as well (if not better) than other marketing channels.

Using social media to shop – an increasing social media trend for 2020

People began using social media to be, well, social. But now there’s more intent to shop on platforms like Facebook, and especially Instagram, than ever before. These platforms will be working harder to make it easier for people to shop with just a few clicks. It’s not enough these days to have an e-commerce website, you need to be sharing your products on social media too.

Facebook and Instagram Stories

They say storytelling is the best marketing and they’re not wrong. If you’re looking for a way to get more bang for your buck, take a look at Facebook and Instagram Stories. More and more people are viewing this sort of content, but most businesses haven’t got wise to this social media trend yet. Facebook is becoming over-saturated with ‘normal’ ads, so if you can get yourself some nice story content, you’ll be ahead of the competition.


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Being human with customers

It can be so easy to think of customers as sales figures and numbers, but they are people with their own lives and opinions. People are becoming increasingly tired of ‘obvious’ advertising demanding their attention when it simply has not been earned. Instead, people want to hear and see human stories and support the underdog. They’d rather buy from a sustainable clothing company which shares footage of its happy workers than fund sweatshops. They’d rather buy a sauce made from a family recipe passed down over the generations than a corporate company who treats its staff poorly. Pay attention, because social media has put marketing in the hands of the customer, literally, and this will be one of the biggest social media trends for 2020. If your adverts are not eye catching and don’t carry a thumb-stopping message, then people will scroll right on past – because they can.

Video content

It’s not new and it’s not different but it’s here to stay; video content is king. While businesses may be tempted to pay thousands for a professional video shoot, consider the above point about being human. People are accustomed to scrolling through their social feeds and seeing organic content, so a beautiful, cinematic video is going to stick out for all the wrong reasons. Alarm bells will go off and the potential customer will think ‘that’s an ad’ and they’ll ignore it. It’s also important to match your content to the relevant platform (which is why square images and videos are so popular). Making a landscape image and posting that as an Instagram story isn’t going to look right on that platform. A handy tool you can check out for free right now is Wave Video.

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