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What is web maintenance?

What is web maintenance and do I need it? When we build websites, we get asked a lot what we mean by website maintenance.

Maintenance means regularly checking your website for any issues and updates and making sure it stays relevant in the long-term. This can include essential software updates for your Content Management System (CMS), updates for plug-ins that make your website function and look fantastic, identifying any security vulnerabilities, and taking back-ups of your website’s code and content.


Do I need website maintenance?

If you want your website to stay up to date and functioning properly then you’ll need web maintenance. Taking regular back-ups of data and keeping plug-ins updated makes sure your website doesn’t run into any issues down the line. Here’s why we recommend web maintenance:


Improve your website’s SEO

Regular updates and checks can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) by telling Google that you are consistently keeping your content up to date and relevant. A website that stays stagnant and unchanged won’t rate high in Google’s search results.


Keep your website secure

You can never be 100% sure you won’t be vulnerable to hackers or fraudulent log-ins. Investing in web maintenance means you’ll get regular back-ups of your data and security checks. We use one of the most secure hosting providers available for our clients but we still recommend a maintenance package for extra security.


Update your website with new and useful features

Plug-ins offer us a lot of flexibility and simplicity when it comes to adding unique features to your website. However, they can create problems when it comes to keeping them updated and making sure they remain compatible with the newest version of your CMS (e.g. WordPress).

With web maintenance, a web developer or web assistant can keep your plug-ins updated and make sure they don’t effect the function or look of your website.


Improve the experience of your website’s visitors

Using Google Analytics and other website reporting tools, you can see how people behave on your website. You might find that people are having trouble filling out your contact form or finding your call-to-action button on the home page. With a web maintenance package, you can make small edits to the function of your website to improve user experience.

As a marketing agency, we look at your customer journey and sales process as a hole. We want to make sure that your customers are finding the right information – quickly and easily. Find out more.


Remove broken links and outdated information

Links that take you to error pages or old information can look unprofessional. Regular web maintenance ensures your website pages stay up to date and point to the right place.


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