Top 7 graphic design trends for 2019


Minimalism has been a popular graphic design trend for the last few years, with many people focusing on simplistic designs that load fast and work well on different sized screens, primarily smartphones, as the use of desktops has decreased.

The number of people using smartphones is likely to increase further with more technology being introduced into the market. Therefore, these minimalistic graphics will help to catch the user’s attention in a world full of pop ups and flashing advertisements.

Graphic designers should look to eliminate any distracting elements and focus on the core message, in 2019 less is more.

2019 graphic design trends


Over recent years we have seen the further introduction of website creators, which mean its easy to create your own website with little to no graphic design knowledge – as great as they may be, you just cannot beat WordPress.

The overuse of website templates has unfortunately created a culture of boring and predictable layouts – you know the ones where you can practically see the grid layout they have used.

2019 will feature designers using surprising perspectives and asymmetry to bring a new lease of life to the digital scene.

graphic design trends 2019

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Font and typography experimentation

Font and typography have a unique ability to offer style, ideas and tone.

2019 is likely to see graphic designers combining fading fonts with negative space, however it is important to remember not to sacrifice your message to experiment with font combinations. Your words should be easy to read, and your design must make sense to your audience. If you fail to follow these simple rules your designs can have an adverse effect on what you’re trying to achieve.

Graphic design trends 2019

Negative space

The correct use of negative space can be extremely impressive in graphic design when used correctly. Any artist will tell you it’s not just about form but the space around the subject.

The concept of negative space is not a new introduction to graphics, but it can still be used in 2019 as a way to add an intriguing quality to design and imagery.

Negative space

Text overlays

You’ll be aware that memes are everywhere, which is the main reason people relate so well to text overlays. With stand-alone stock photos fast becoming a thing of the past, designers are encouraged to add custom text to images and graphics they have created.

Graphic design trends 2019

Hand drawn graphics

As mentioned previously, singular use of stock photos is on the decline; this can be directly related to the fact people are becoming increasingly attracted to hand-drawn images.

Hand drawn images bring originality and authenticity to the graphic design world, they can work especially well for brands as the drawing style can be used across a variety of platforms to encourage brand awareness.

Hand drawn does not necessarily mean the image must be 100% drawn, 2019 will see a further introduction to hand drawn charts, words or doodles integrated with photography to emphasize a point.

Hand-drawn images

Duo tone

A duo-toned image is a great way to make a statement and really grab the attention of your audience, especially if those tones contrast.

Think about using bright colours that can make certain elements of your design pop while still adding depth and dimension to the image as a whole.

Duo tones

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