The Philip Astley Project

Design & Print

Staffordshire University wanted to promote The Philip Astley Project with a resource pack focusing on ‘Who was Philip Astley?’

Bringing together acrobats, clowns and trick riders in a 42-foot ring; for over 30 years, Astley entertained high society and the general public. Astley himself was at the heart of these performances, simultaneously riding up to three horses whilst performing ever more daring tricks.

To celebrate Philip Astley’s life and legacy, engaging, entertaining and educational activities took place in Newcastle-under-Lyme during 2017 and 2018 – the 250th anniversary of modern circus.

We needed to create a resource pack which would share new research into Philip Astley from volunteers in Newcastle-under-Lyme. It was to act as a ‘one stop-shop’ for people interested in finding out more about Philip Astley, as well as providing inspiration and ideas for Newcastle-under-Lyme-based community groups and schools wishing to get involved with the Philip Astley Project.

We were to aim the resource pack at the general public, in particular: arts, heritage and community groups based in Newcastle-under-Lyme and teachers and other educators.

We designed a resource pack (which can still be accessed here, which consisted of a folder, 24 inserts and a tote bag to hand out to the public. We also created a digital version.

By the end of the project, the Who was Philip Astley? Resource Pack was made available through the project’s website, encouraging schools and community groups to continue to celebrate Philip Astley and his link to Newcastle-under-Lyme. The pack collected a pick-and-mix of Philip Astley facts, infographics and anecdotes.



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