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What on earth is Search Engine Optimisation? And do you need it?

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation? Unlike other marketing agencies, we won’t bewilder you with jargon or secret acronyms, we’re here to help your business be the best it can be.
When we talk about writing your website with SEO in mind, it means it’s optimised so search engines can find you quickly and easily. If you still need some convincing, we wrote all about the ins and outs of SEO here.

Why does SEO make a difference to my business?

When you search for anything on the internet, the search engine looks over all the billions of webpages and asks: 
Is this information relevant? Is this information trustworthy?
If potential customers are searching for your business, or something that describes the products/services you offer, you want them to find you straight away. You want to be the most relevant and trustworthy place for them to land. Search Engine Optimisation makes sure that search engines tell everyone just that.

How can we help?

We’re very lucky to have a team of SEO-enthusiasts, copywriting queens and keyword nerds who will take a look at your website and your current online marketing strategy so they can put together a plan that will start ticking those SEO boxes.
We can take a look at your URLs, alt text, meta descriptions and other confusing stuff (we explain it a little more here, if you’re still curious). We can write website copy and blog posts with all the keywords to make sure Google knows you’re incredibly important indeed.

Part of your business

Part of your business

Some marketing agencies will carry out work in the background, slowly ticking away and checking in once a month – that’s not us. We make a conscious effort to understand your business, to get to know your products and services and get in the hearts and minds of your customers. Think of us as an extension of your team, as we become part of your business. This allows us to do a better job, and gets you a better return on your investment.
Personalised content

Personalised content

We don’t use templates to design or build our websites because we believe every business, and every project, is unique. We work with your branding and tone of voice to ensure the SEO content we produce reflects your company, is relevant to your customers and is engaging enough to inspire return visits and purchases. We make tailored suggestions based on our findings, which are clearly explained in your monthly report. We take the time to explain reports, rather than just downloading a template with a bunch of confusing numbers and charts.
Industry research

Industry research

We don’t pretend to know it all, especially since many industries are constantly evolving and progressing. While we are getting to know your business and customers, we also research keywords relating to your industry, your products and services. What you think your customers may type into Google to find your business may differ from what they are actually searching. We find out what works.

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