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WE ARE A CREATIVE Content marketing agency in Stoke-on-Trent

When it comes to marketing, they say content is king, and they’re not wrong. We can help your business or organisation to develop a content marketing strategy which involves the planning, creation and distribution of content.

What do we mean when we babble about content?

Content can include anything from website copy, regularly updated blog posts, landing pages, copy used in social media campaigns, case studies, video or even infographics. It helps you avoid the number one mistake most businesses make with their marketing – they try to go for the hard sell straight away.

Think of it like this (bear with us here)… if you’re walking down the street and some bloke walks up to you, opens his trench coat and asks you if you want to buy a watch from him there and then – would you? Who is this stranger? What’s your first impression? Why should you buy from him? Our point is that you wouldn’t buy from someone you didn’t know, like and trust. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is not focussed around selling, it’s about creating valuable, likeable, sharable content which cements and celebrates your brand identity.

Become a business your customers know, like and trust

Brand Identity

You need to establish brand visibility and loyalty. You can do this by working with a marketing agency to develop a content calendar and plan your strategy. This could involve press releases generating coverage for your company and in turn, generating backlinks to boost your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You can also get people to link to your website by publishing quality blog articles and information. This lends more credibility to your website to get it higher in search engine results.

Press Releases

Press releases also offer great value for money in terms of Advertising Value Equivalent. One press release can generate thousands of pounds worth of media coverage, in the same way placing lots of print adverts can. Our experienced team will speak to clients, customers or volunteers to find the story and gather quotes, before sending the press release to our extensive contacts. We know what makes a good news story worth sharing, and what information reporters want.

Social Media

Planning social media content can also drive traffic to your website and keep it there. There’s no point in loads of people landing on your site and discovering there’s nothing that interests them or they were mislead about the content they would find there.


It’s also important to establish an e-newsletter subscription list, and there are lots of ways you can invite people to opt in, for a GDPR-compliant database. This is also a great way to let your customers know what your business has been up to.



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