How do you know if you should update your website?

One of the main things our customers ask for is a new website or a website update. Why? Because your website is your virtual shopfront, and let’s be honest – if your website looks a bit naff, customers are going to make the same assumption about your business. Most of the time, your website will be someone’s first experience of your brand. For others, they may hear about your business in other ways, then head online for more research. This is exactly why it might be time to update your website so it has the wow factor.

Designing, building and maintaining a website isn’t easy, especially when you have a business to run, but it is important. Don’t worry, Project Storm can take care of everything, but to help get you started here are some key questions to ask yourself before picking up the phone.

Do you need to update your website to stand out from the competition?

Look at some of your competitors’ websites, now look at yours. What sort of impression does their website give? Is it modern and easy to navigate? Does it work on mobile? Is there anything that stands out that you would like your website to be able to do?

What do you want your website to do?

That’s right – websites have purpose. If your website has been sitting there for the past few years, with no TLC, then it’s probably not doing a lot. For example, does it still reflect all the products and services you offer? Maybe you’ve added new ones or developed the business in such a way that old ones have become redundant. Are people able to get the information they need? For example, can they view or download a brochure? Is there a way of capturing leads? You could consider having a little pop up to subscribe to your e-newsletter or even just to download the brochure.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Does your site have an SSL certificate? (that’s the little padlock at the left-hand side of where you type in your URL). Does it have a valid privacy policy or a cookie consent pop up?

Does your site reflect your brand?

If you’ve rebranded recently then it’s best to update your website to make sure it reflects that, so your business is easily identifiable. Are you trying to present yourself to a new audience? If so, does your brand reflect that?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Check all the pages work fine on mobile. Did you know that depending on the design of your site, you may need two different footers, one for mobile and one for desktop? Text boxes should also rescale to fit mobile screens. Most people choose to view websites on their phones these days so it’s important to make sure your site is not glitching on some devices.

Does your website load fast enough?

There can be a few things which affect loading times. Maybe some of your plug ins or your CMS system hasn’t been updated in a while, or maybe your images are too large. Perhaps your current website theme is just very old and can’t cope any more.

Is your site secure?

If you have an e-commerce site, you’ve probably already got an SSL certificate, but all websites need these. Google now prioritises sites with an SSL, so this also helps to boost your SEO. You should check your security plug ins are all up to date.

Change the url for your login page. This will make it harder for people to hack your site. You can use a plugin called WPS Hide Login to hide the log in page from search engines.

If you find yourself in need of a website update or a new website entirely, Project Storm can help. Call our team today on 01782 644456. 



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