Eight tips to create a marketing e-book

One of the easiest ways to generate leads through digital content is to create a marketing e-book showing people you are knowledgeable about your industry.

An e-book is an electronic book which can easily be downloaded across a range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The document can be saved across several formats, like a PDF or EPUB (Electronic Publication).

You can offer useful information in your marketing e-book and invite people to download it by providing their contact details. You can also add an opt-in check box asking if people would like to subscribe to your e-newsletter for the latest information and tips.

You can create your e-book in PowerPoint, but we would recommend suitable design software like InDesign.

So, where do you start? Here are some expert tips for creating a marketing e-book.

    • Choose a topic which offers people information about your industry. For example, you could answer 7 commonly asked questions or share some expert tips about a subject. Perhaps you want to discuss some new research from a survey or industry news, or maybe you have a collection of case studies, or just need to explain a product and its uses.
    • Plan your content. Divide each stage into chapters and decide what order you want to discuss them in. It can be useful to use bullet points to identify key messages, so you can structure your copy accordingly.
    • Make it easy to read. Don’t make your pages too text-heavy. Try breaking them up with images, bulleted lists, different text sizes and thicknesses, and don’t be afraid to leave some white space.
    • Design it to be on-brand. Use your company’s branding and colours to make it clear that the e-book has come from your company. You can also highlight quotes and statistics to make them stand out more.
    • Use links. If you save your marketing e-book as an interactive PDF you can include links to your website and social channels. You can also link to product pages.
    • Use CTAs. A Call to Action can let people know about another offer, an upcoming event or even a new product. Make these obvious to ensure they stand out from the rest of the content.
    • Create a landing page or sign-up form. Tell people about your e-book by creating a landing page or pop-up on your website where people can fill in their contact information to download it. Once they have done that, they can be taken to another page where they can click the download link. This way, you can track the amount of people that make it to that page and know how many have downloaded your e-book.
    • Let people know about it. You can link to your e-book sign up page through your website, blog, social media accounts or even a sponsored social media post.

 Of course, not everyone has the time or equipment to create a well-written, well-designed e-book. That’s where Project Storm comes in. We offer a range of PR and marketing services, from copywriting and design to social media management. Get in touch today by calling 01782 644456.



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