How to create social media content that reflects your business’ brand

Great social media content is a really effective way to build trust, reputation and connections with your customers – but how do you make a real impact? Brand identity is a way of describing a company’s personality – it’s the way a business presents itself to its audience. This, in turn, informs the brand image; your company logo, colour scheme, fonts and any other assets that make up the visuals of your brand.

So, what does this have to do with your social media content?

Your social media platforms and content should be branded in the same way your business stationery is. A letterhead, an email signature and a Facebook cover photo all have the same function – to promote the reliability and purpose of your business. Creating branded social media content builds a professional and consistent brand message, allowing for recognisable and relevant posts your audience will associate with you. A company that is particularly good at this is Captain Morgan – a UK-based spiced rum company. By using a consistent colour palette, pirate aesthetic and utilising the ‘Captain’ as a brand mouthpiece, Captain Morgan creates a fun, bold and engaging social media presence.

Even when shared, it’s clear that this post originated from the Captain Morgan brand – meaning the content always refers to them and cannot be stolen or plagiarised.

How can you make sure that your social media content is reflective of who your brand is?

Start with the basics – Make sure your social profiles are set up properly, with an optimised version of your logo as your ‘Profile Photo’ and use your cover photo to promote your latest product or service – you could even create a cover video that lists all your services (check out ours). Remember to use high quality images, with the correct dimensions, that aren’t stretched, cropped or obscured for a professional appearance. 

Brand your social media posts – Consider how using your brand colours and logo in your social media content can make your platform look more legitimate and cohesive. With our own Project Storm content, we always try to include our logo or use a little bit of our signature red/black and grey palette! There are lots of ways you can bring your brand identity to your social media content, it just takes a little creativity and commitment to your brand.

Having a definitive set of brand guidelines and appropriate uses of your logo and colour helps create a set of rules and makes creating a consistent look a lot easier. Remember to mix your branded content with real-time updates and photos of projects, products or staff to bring a level of authenticity to your brand. If you’d like a helping hand with your brand – why not give us a call on 01782 644456 or drop us an email at We can create a bespoke set of brand guidelines for your business, manage your social media and create engaging, relevant content that captures your audience.

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