8 top tricks to treat your customers this Halloween

There may already be talk of Christmas, but don’t forget this holiday of mischief. The feeling of winter is in the air, the trees are a swirl of golds and crimson and we are approaching one of the most exciting times of the year. Don’t miss a trick, give your customers a treat by making the most of Halloween.

Embrace it

If your business sells costumes, food or decorations, then it’s easy to get involved. But other businesses can still scare up a great display or marketing campaign with a spooky twist. This shows customers you’re switched on and up for some fun.

Give your website or social media accounts a touch of magic

You could change your landing pages and other parts of your website to carry a Halloween message or imagery. You can also do this for your Facebook or Twitter accounts by altering the profile photo or banner.

Think about design

Work with a graphic designer to ensure your promotional flyers, posters, banners and social media posts all have that Halloween twist.

Offer relevant advice

If appropriate, offer some advice to your customers about how to prepare for Halloween. This can be tailored to your business. For example, a hairdresser may offer some tips about preparing Halloween hairstyles or hair accessories.

Get your staff involved

No matter where you work, you can probably get away with dressing up for the occasion. Why not hold a best costume competition and take photos to share on social media? Decorate your office, bake some spooky treats, make a day of it. It will lift staff morale and show customers your company is a great place to work.

Sponsor events

Know of some special Halloween events which are guaranteed to attract lots of families? Why not see if you can sponsor one, so that your logo appears on flyers or you have a mention in a pamphlet? You could offer to share the cost of the ticket printing and have your promotion advertised on the back of the tickets.

Special promotions

There’s going to be a lot of Christmas promotions, why not do one for Halloween? If it’s appropriate for your business, invite customers to a promotional event where they can get money off certain products. Maybe hold a competition on the day like pumpkin carving or decorating gingerbread ghosts, and encourage people to share photos on social media.

Pull a publicity stunt

Perhaps partner with a charity and have your staff dress as zombies bag packing at a supermarket to raise money for a worthy cause. Put out press releases before and after the event and take lots of photos!

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